Wesley Kress

Michael Kress

With 19 million birthdays celebrated everyday we believe there is a beautiful opportunity to make the world a better place. Imagine the possibilities if everyone decided to celebrate their birthday through acts of kindness and generosity. After hearing other people’s amazing examples through the Birthday Project, we promised ourselves that we too would pay it forward on our birthday. Our mission is not only to bring back the magic of birthdays by giving back, but also to help inspire others to do the same.

We both have a keen awareness of the cold fall and winter temperatures and how this affects our body. We realize how difficult it is to spend even short periods of times in the cold much less an entire night and life. Thus, our vision is to warm the hearts and bodies of some of the homeless during this most difficult part of the year. There was an overwhelming response in 2012 when one of us (Wesley) celebrated our 24th birthday by giving coats and winter clothing to the homeless (see video above). Many people asked how they could help if we ever did something like that again. As our Magical Birthday tradition has continued so have the support, love and generosity.

We feel deeply compelled not only to inspire others to give back, but to allow others to donate to our vision as well. For our 5th annual Magical Birthday celebration of generosity, we invite you to give in any way that resonates with you – donating money (all proceeds are used to purchase coats, hats and gloves), donating new or used winter clothing, and/or donating your time on November 12th, 2016 to help us hand out the winter clothing. We know that when we give with our hearts, we are the ones who are truly receiving. We hope that we have inspired you to join us in bringing back the true magic of birthdays and the holiday season with the gift of giving to those in need.

We personally do not want any recognition and yet we do want to inspire and facilitate more of this vision in the world. In an era bombarded by negative mass media, we know that what we focus our attention on is what we create. If we want to create a world of love, peace, gratitude, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, freedom, and respect we must be willing to inspire others to do the same. We also know that we must let go of the fear that others will perceive our actions as a way to bring attention to ourselves. There are two quotes below that describe the essence and importance of creating this website. We hope that not only will you be moved to donate towards this cause, but also will follow suit with actions of your own.

We thank you for spending your time reading our vision and story and enveloping your heart and spirit in the perspective of generosity. Please keep in mind there are never donations too small or too big. Whatever resonates within your heart, we thank you, as do the people who will be affected by gracious and heart-warming generosity. Even if you’re not able to donate through financial means, winter clothing, or your time, just by reading this you have helped facilitate awareness and a spark for change within. We believe that our world must be changed from within, as what we focus on is ultimately what we create. We both feel that a birthday is truly a day to give thanks for everything and everyone that is apart of our life. We have been given so much in our life and feel truly blessed. We have always believed that the only way to be truly thankful is to celebrate life by living it to the fullest and giving back.